Importance of Medical Examination for Immigration in Canada

Importance of Medical Examination for Immigration in Canada

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Canada is one the most promising country due to its stable economy and high standards of living lifestyle. Canada is a deficit of skilled labor to high-level management to serve for the growth of the country. Canada is an ideal destination for immigration for all across the globe. Every year thousands of applicants apply to the Immigration. Applicants can be students, job seekers, permanent residency seekers, investors, and entrepreneur. But you need to undergo proper medical examination before applying for immigration to Canada. The Canadian government is very strict towards immigration policy and they need to ensure that the applicant is proper health conditions before entering into Canada. There are various medical agencies who proper your medical certificate, but you need to choose only that agency which is approved by Canadian government only. An applicant can’t rely on the medical certificate which is produced by his or her family doctor. The applicant needs to find a panel of a physician in his home country which is approved by the Canadian government to issue medical certificates.

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Canada Immigration medical exam is an essential process which needs to conduct by approved agencies carefully. Canada needs to assure that the applicant is right to fit to live in Canada. The applicant should be free from any easily transmitted disease like HIV otherwise his or her application is straight away rejected by the Canadian embassy. Again for the whole process you need to consult a Canadian permanent resident lawyer for the same. These Canada Immigration medical exam are compulsory for those who visit Canada for a short duration of longer time frames. Students and work permit seeker also need to undergo this medical examination too.

Three major reasons for rejection are as follows

  • The applicant’s health condition is in danger for the safety of the Canadian citizen. If you have a genetic disease from the birth and which cost, the safety for the Canadian citizen, then you will excuse the Canadian embassy for not approving your application.
  • If the applicant is already having a sexually transmitted disease like HIV. The world is in danger of the war of diseases.
  • If the applicant’s condition is an additional burden for the Canadian society and health measures.

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Almost the process of this Canada Immigration medical exam is the same for visitors, students, job seekers and permanent resident seekers. This Canada Immigration medical exam requires an industry standard checkup which includes a blood test, urine test, X-rays and the mental condition of the applicant. It’s better to pay additional bucks to hire a professional Canadian resident lawyer to secure your selection. These resident lawyers are professional, trained and well qualified to support you. These Canadian lawyers are well updated from the latest circulars of the Canadian government regarding health measures and standards.canada medical

Canadian Government issue Various Immigration categories as follows

  • Express Entry
  • Federal skilled Labor program
  • Federal program for skilled traders
  • Immigration for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and a self-employed applicant
  • Quebec immigration
  • Family Class special sponsorship program
  • Canadian express class


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