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Dr. Marcus Niessen :: Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in Breast Augmentation.

For many women, feeling confident goes hand in hand with looking their best. For thousands of women, achieving such confidence and personal satisfaction has come from choosing breast augmentation surgery.

The information on our website will be useful to you if you are considering breast augmentation, breast lift ("mastopexy") and liposuction and you want the best care at a competitive price.

The reason for our popularity is simple: our high surgical standards, excellent care, a board certified plastic surgeon, and an accredited surgical facility.
Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Steps To A New You:

Here at the Windsor Cosmetic Breast Surgery Centre, Dr. Niessen specializes in breast surgery. To learn more about our surgical procedures, click on the links below:

Dr. Niessen ensures that all of his patients are fully prepared for their Breast Augmentation procedure. Please ensure you read the section about our procedures so that you are ready for your surgery. Dr. Niessen's practice is located in Windsor, Ontario; however he treats patients from across Ontario. Book your consultation today!
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Breast Augmentation is not only a medical decision; it is a personal decision that will give you confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Niessen is happy to answer any questions you have about breast augmentation. Simply fill out the form on this page and schedule a consultation to understand what your options are.
 Feel Good Again & Boost Your Self Confidence!

Following their procedure, many women have gone on to experience a transformation in how they feel about themselves and their bodies. There are many reasons women choose breast augmentation surgery:

 Enlarging their breasts to make their bodies more proportional
  Reshaping and enlarging breasts that have lost their shape due to pregnancy     and breast-feeding
 Balancing breasts that differ in size and shape
Your reasons are very personal, and your decisions about breast augmentation should be made by you and Dr. Niessen based on your personal wants and expectations.

Today, there are many options available for women who decide breast augmentation is right for them. Let Dr. Niessen help you understand more about breast augmentation and the many options you have.
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