Breast augmentation is not only a medical decision, it is a personal one. The perception we have of ourselves defines who we are and how we introduce ourselves to the world.

Not every woman may feel the need for breast augmentation, but for many women it has provided them with a great deal of personal satisfaction, confidence and sense of well-being.

Every woman who is considering breast augmentation has her own personal reasons. Some of these include:

Enlarging the breasts to bring them into better proportion with the rest of the body Reshaping and enlarging breasts that have lost their shape and ullness due to pregnancy or age Balancing the appearance of breasts which differ in size or shape Psychological and emotional benefits of the procedure can include enhanced self-esteem, a more satisfying body image and personal gratification.

Breast augmentation can achieve many different goals. Every woman’s decision is different and should be made by her, based on her needs, desires and
expectations. However, before you undergo breast augmentation, you need to be well informed about the procedure, the different choices involved, the results you can expect, and all the potential risks and complications that can occur.


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