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   Breast Augmentation (Enhancement)

The procedure known as Breast Augmentation is a surgery to enhance the size and/or shape of ones breasts.

During the surgery, Dr. Niessen inserts an implant behind the breast which allows the bust line of a woman to increase by one or more cup sizes. Breast augmentation is usually performed to enhance the curves of a woman's breasts who feels her bust is too small. In some cases, women notice a difference in the size of their breasts due to breastfeeding or pregnancy, and have the surgery to balance the difference.
Breast Augmentation (Enhancement)
Dr. Niessen offers both saline and silicone cohesive gel implants.

Breast Augmentation begins with an incision located where the breast meets the chest wall, or in some cases the edge of the areola. The incisions are closed with sutures. Once these incisions are closed, a gauze bandage will be placed on the breasts, covered by a supportive dressing. The dressings must stay in place until your post-op visit with Dr. Niessen.

In the following few days after your breast enhancement surgery, you will most likely feel sore and tired. However, in almost all cases, you are up and moving around in the same day. Dr. Niessen will prescribe medication to control any discomfort you might have. During your first post-op visit, Dr. Niessen will remove your bandages and you are now able to wear a bra. You may want to avoid physical contact for two to three weeks after your breast augmentation, as your breasts may feel very sensitive to stimulation. Seven to ten days after your surgery, Dr. Niessen will remove your sutures (stitches), however it may take two weeks for the swelling in your breasts to resolve. At first, the scarring may be firm and pink; however, as time goes on the scars will fade and become less visible.

You may be back to work within a few days, depending on how physically demanding your job is. Dr. Niessen will give you specific advice relating to exercise and returning to normal activities.

Your decision to have breast augmentation surgery is a personal one. Let Dr. Niessen discuss breast enhancement options with you.
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